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The Synergy of STEM and Creative Expression in Art Therapy: Part 2

by Lauren Fallat, LPC LPAT ATR-BC

Art therapy is a haven of self-expression and healing, offering a sanctuary for emotional release and introspection. But did you know that within the strokes of paint and the swirls of color, the beauty of mathematics can also find its place? The synergy between art and math isn't just intriguing; it's a powerful way to deepen your art therapy experience. In this post, we'll delve into five techniques that seamlessly intertwine mathematical concepts with the world of art therapy, opening doors to enhanced creativity and personal growth.

1. Geometric Abstractions: Geometry isn't just about formulas and equations – it's also about creating art that dances with shapes and angles. Incorporate geometric forms into your art therapy sessions to explore symmetry, balance, and proportion. By embracing the mathematical beauty of shapes, you'll not only create visually striking pieces but also cultivate a sense of harmony within yourself.

2. Mandalas and Mathematical Patterns: Mandalas, those mesmerizing circular patterns, are more than just aesthetic delights. They're mathematical wonders waiting to be explored. As you design and color mandalas, you engage with radial symmetry, discovering the balance and rhythm inherent in mathematical patterns. Mandalas become a bridge between your emotions and the mathematical order that underpins the universe.

3. Fibonacci Fusion: The Fibonacci sequence, with its intriguing pattern of numbers, can find its way into your art therapy journey. Create Fibonacci spirals or incorporate the sequence in the composition of your artwork. This technique not only introduces you to the magic of numbers but also infuses your creations with a sense of natural rhythm and beauty.

4. Perspective Play: Step into the world of perspective drawing, where math takes on a three-dimensional form. Experiment with vanishing points and horizon lines to create depth and realism in your art. As you master the art of perspective, you'll find yourself not only honing your artistic skills but also gaining a deeper understanding of spatial relationships.

5. Color Mathematics: Colors aren't just about aesthetics; they can be understood through mathematical concepts like color theory and color harmonies. Explore the relationships between primary, secondary, and complementary colors. By understanding the mathematical principles behind colors, you'll elevate your art therapy sessions, using hues to convey emotions and moods more effectively.

Math and Art Therapy

Where Art and Math Embrace Art therapy goes beyond the canvas; it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Integrating mathematical concepts into your art therapy experience can enrich your creative process and amplify the healing effects. By experimenting with geometric shapes, exploring mathematical patterns, and employing color theory, you'll find a unique way to express yourself while simultaneously nurturing your mathematical prowess. So, the next time you embark on an art therapy session, consider the mathematical rhythms that pulse beneath your creations – a reminder that art and math are more interconnected than we might imagine.

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