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Meet Our Art Therapist

Lauren Fallat, LPC LPAT ATR-BC

Lauren Fallat provides a unique and integrative approach that is personalized to your needs. As a licensed professional counselor and licensed professional art therapist, she provides counseling and art therapy to children, adolescents, college students, and adults, treating a wide range of emotional and psychological issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, grief, behavioral issues, and much more.

Lauren Fallat, Art Therapist

NJ Professional Counseling License # 37PC00697500

NJ Professional Art Therapist License # 16LP00015900 

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Create. Express. Transform. 

About Art Therapy

Discover the healing power of Art Therapy and how it can benefit you.

What to Expect 

An overview of an art therapy session, including information about materials used, techniques and processes.


Connect with Lauren as she explores art techniques, directives, and concepts.


Stay informed and learn more about the benefits of Art Therapy

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Get to Know Our Art Therapist

All Art Therapy sessions are facilitated by a licensed and board certified art therapist

Group Art Therapy

Benefit from the creative energy and sense of supportive community in an Art Therapy group

Professional Workshops 

Build connection and professional communication within your professional team.

Contact Us

Connect with us and learn more about how we can help support your creative healing

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"Art is the language of the soul, a sacred space where spirit and creativity intertwine, guiding us on a profound journey of 
self-discovery and healing."

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Our Team is Ready to Help

Contact Us Today

Holistic Health Counseling Center

101 New Amwell Road

Hillsborough, NJ 08844


Phone: 908-857-4422


Art Therapy is a valuable therapy for children. Children are not always able to articulate their feelings. Their feelings often are expressed in their behavior. Art Therapy provides a fun and important way for children to express and transform their emotions. Resulting in improvements in behavior and mood. 


Teens and College Students benefit from the healing aspects of the creative process. Guided by the Art Therapist, they are able to express themselves in growth oriented ways that are rewarding and insightful.


Art Therapy helps adults process their emotions, memories, experiences. The creative process is healing and transformative. And no art ability or experience is required. Your Art Therapist will guide you and support you in your creative journey.

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